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Explore modern style with our stunning Diffuser Bottles, perfect for your home fragrance scents.
Candle Glass

Candle Glass

Colorlites supply plain and decorated
candle glass and diffuser bottles for many
of the world’s leading candle brands.
Candle Glass
Diffuser Bottle

Diffuser Bottles

We pride ourselves on providing
the highest quality glassware for all your
essential oil needs.
Diffuser Bottles


Colorlites specialises in supplying glass packaging, including jars and bottles, to diverse industries such as Aromatherapy, cosmetics, Food, Home Fragrance, and Beverage markets. Our glass containers cater to specific needs, ensuring product integrity and freshness preservation. Additionally, we offer bespoke glass decoration solutions, including spray coating and a wide range of printing techniques. From small hobbyists to large international companies, they accommodate clients of all sizes, emphasising their commitment to providing tailored glass solutions across industries at scale.

Glass Packaging Warehouse
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Glass Packaging

We supply glass packaging to the Cosmetic, Food, Home Fragrance & Beverage markets.
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Clear undecorated Candle Glass
Decorated Candle Glass
Candle Glass sprayline
Decorated Glass

Glass Spray Coating

We can colour any item of glass using our wide range of standard colours.
Glass Decoration
Food Glass Jars

Food Bottles

We supply top-tier food packaging solutions across Europe, specialising in jars, bottles, and containers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that clients receive high-quality, tailored packaging solutions that prioritise freshness, safety, and aesthetic appeal.
Luxury Fragrance Glass Bottles

Fragrance Bottles

Premium glass packaging solutions for the fragrance market. We offer a wide range of bottles, containers, and pumps designed to preserve scent integrity with a commitment to quality and innovation, from small-scale artisans to large-scale fragrance companies.

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