Benefits of using glass drinks bottles in your business

Glass bottles for vodka frosted with logo embossed

Glass bottles have a history going back hundreds of years, and glass in general has a history even further than that - we have previously written a comprehensive look at the history of glass. But how does using glass bottles relate to the present day? We live in an age where we are increasingly confronted with environmental issues, and more and more companies are making the move to more sustainable packaging. Many industries such as alcohol, juices, jams and condiments are already successfully using glass bottles in their packaging. But why should you make the switch?

Glass bottles are sustainable and re-usable.

Unlike its plastic counterpart, glass bottles can be used time and time again with the correct cleaning methods. Glass can be refilled and reused endlessly, and many companies are offering bottle return programmes with incentives to customers, to save both you and your customer base money, while helping the environment at the same time.

Glass drinks bottles being coloured

Glass bottles attract high-end customers.

Glass is seen as a high-end in vogue material, due to its long history with sophisticated products such as perfumes and premium alcoholic spirits. Using glass bottles in your business gives you the ability to set premium prices for your product, to target your market. If your product is in a more saturated market, better quality glass packaging and a premium price point will put you above your competition.

Glass drinks bottles being frosted

Glass vessels can be fully tailored to your business needs.

As we have previously mentioned, glass is seen as a fashionable and high-end product packaging solution. With the range of glass bottle shapes and sizes on offer, you can find a vessel to perfectly match your product. Alongside the standard shapes we offer, you can add screen printing, hot foil stamping, decals and transfers as well as our new spray coating service, to make your product stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Bespoke enquiries here.

Glass bottles for drinks being made

Glass vessels can be fully tailored to your business needs.

If you are in the food and beverage market, glass jars, bottles and containers are not just aesthetically better, but scientifically too. Glass is non-porous, so your product will still be at its best when the customer purchases it. Glass also doesn’t contain any harmful chemcals like those found in plastic, that can seep out into the product.

Glass bottles and jars are a more sustainable and sensible choice for your business. We offer a range of glass drinks bottles glass food jars, caps and lids and much more. For more information contact us here or call us on 01634 862839.

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