Candle Glass FAQ's - Candles Safely

Remember always to use candles safely, which includes never leaving them unattended, keeping them away from combustible materials, and setting them on a solid surface. If you need more clarification, refer to the manufacturer's instructions that came with the candle or candle glass for detailed directions.

Candle glass is a robust, long-lasting, translucent substance made for candle holders. You can enjoy your favourite candlesticks with complete clarity because the material is typically made of borosilicate glass, which has an incredibly clean and clear finish. Our Candle Glass doesn't get hot to the touch, so candles lighted inside it provide a lovely ambience while still being safe to handle. Beautiful lighting options from Candle Glass will brighten your house or place of business.

Candle Glass jars offer countless possibilities for reuse. These include growing plants, using them as decor or keeping office supplies and handicrafts in them. Add artificial flowers to create lovely decor pieces, paint the glass for a fresh look, or fill it with vibrant beads for a creative project. Use your imagination to create something special from your Candle Glass jar!

Candle glass can be garnished with various objects including ribbons, flowers etc. You can also etch your design onto the glass for a more distinctive look. Use non-flammable materials and avoid obstructing the candle's wick if you want your decorations to last.

Yes, glass candle holders can be painted. To paint candle glass, you will need a few materials, such as special glass paint, a sealant, masking tape and some paintbrushes. Once you have everything you need, clean the candle holder’s surface before applying the paint. Paint carefully and let it dry for a few hours before applying the sealant to ensure your artwork remains intact over time.

Painting candle glass is an easy and fun DIY product. Just be sure to begin with dry, clean glass. The surface needs to be cleaned with hot, soapy water, and any residue must be dried. Apply your final acrylic paint colour with a brush or sponge, and then add more colours in layers, letting each coat dry before adding the next. To prevent scratches and chipping over time, seal the glass in the final step with an all-purpose sealer.

Yes, a lot of candle glasses are made to be used again and again. When the candle burns out, the remaining wax can be cleaned from the glass by gently heating it or running hot water over it. In addition, the glass can be reused for various tasks after washing, such as holding small items or even serving as a standalone ornamental item.

Most candle glasses are made to withstand a burning candle's heat. To make sure the glass is appropriate for the type of candle being used, it is imperative to review the manufacturer's detailed instructions or guidelines.

For candle glass, our suppliers do conduct annealing testing to approved industry standards (e.g., ASTMF2179-20 standard).